James Rafferty has been a published writer in a variety of magazines and journals for over twenty years.  Links to his published articles can be found here.  He  wrote a coming of age novel entitled Growing Up Single and a two-part series on climate change which he is currently querying.  He is also working on a new novel set in his former hometown of Danbury, Connecticut.    James belongs to the Writing Wombats writing group, a diverse set of authors who been published in multiple genres including mainstream, romance and science fiction.  He is an avid participant in the annual Muse and the Marketplace conferences hosted by Boston-based Grub Street and also participates in the Norfolk Quill writing workshops.    

James also blogs about writing, travel and personal technology on the James Rafferty blog and its Writer's Notebook series.  He has also blogged on communications technology for Dialogic and in his own Communications Advisor blog.  If you would like to follow him on Twitter, see @jrafferty11. 



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