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ITU-T T.4 - Standardization of Group 3 Facsimile Apparatus for Document Transmission, July 1996

ITU-T T.6 - Facsimile Coding Schemes and Coding Control Functions for Group 4 Facsimile Apparatus, November, 1988

ITU-T T.30 - Procedures for Document Facsimile Transmission in the General Switched Telephone Network, July 1996

ITU-T T.31 - Asynchronous facsimile DCE control - Service class 1, August 1995

ITU-T T.32 - Asynchronous facsimile DCE control - Service class 2,

ITU-T T.33 - Facsimile routing utilizing the subaddress, July 1997

ITU-T T.36 - Security capabilities for use with Group 3 facsimile terminals

ITU-T T.37 - Procedures for the transfer of facsimile data via store-and-forward on the Internet, June 1998

ITU-T T.38 - Procedures for real-time Group 3 facsimile communication over IP networks

ITU-T T.39 - Application profiles for simultaneous voice and facsimile terminals

ITU-T T.42 - Continuous-tone colour representation method for facsimile, February 1996

ITU-T T.43 - Colour and gray-scale image representations using lossless coding scheme for facsimile, February 1997

ITU-T T.44 - Mixed Raster Content (MRC), April 1999

ITU-T T.81 - Digital Compression and Coding of Continuous-tone Still Images, March, 1993

ITU-T T.82 - Digital Compression and Coding of Bi-Level Still Images, March, 1993

ITU-T T.85 - Application profile for Recommendation T.82 - Progressive bi-level image compression (JBIG coding scheme) for facsimile apparatus, August 1995

ITU-T T.434 - Binary File Transfer for the Telematic Services, July 1996

EIA/TIA-578-A - Asynchronous Facsimile DCE Control (Class 1), 1995;ITU version is ITU-T T.31, 1995

TIA/EIA-592-A - Asynchronous Facsimile DCE Control (Class 2), 1998;ITU version is ITU-T T.32, 1995

TIA IS-141 - Facsimile Routing Utilizing the Subaddress, 1994

TIA IS-650 - MultiFunction Peripheral Interface Standard (MFPI) Level 1, 1996

ITU-T V.34; A Modem Operating at Data Signalling Rates of up to 33600 bit/s for use on the General Switched Telephone and on leased Point -to-Point 2-wire Telephone-Type Circuits; 1996

see also Internet Fax RFCs:

Simple Mode: RFC 2301-2305; F-Profile of TIFF RFC 2306

Extended Mode: RFC 2530-2532

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Sources of Standards:

International Telecommunications Union; Geneva, Switzerland; ITU Web site: http://www.itu.int

Internet Engineering Task Force; Web site: http://www.ietf.org


FAX, Facsimile Technology and Applications Handbook; K. McConnell, D. Bodson, R. Schaphorst, Artech House, 1992 (new version published in 1999)

JPEG, Still Image Data Compression Standard; J. Mitchell, W. Pennebaker, Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1993


Human Communications Digest - Quarterly Review of Developments in Facsimile and Related Standards, including Internet fax and unified messaging; Includes coverage of ITU, IETF and TIA standards work; Contact: James Rafferty  ; email: mailto:jayAThumancommDOTcommhttp://www.humancomm.com No longer published, but back copies available.  

Communication Standards Review - Telecommunications reports on US (TIA) and International (ITU-T and ETSI) Standards Committee meetings in WAN data communications, for wireline (8-9 issues per year); Contact: Elaine Baskin (650) 856-9018; http://www.csrstds.com  No longer published.    

Fax Focus - Bi-weekly Newsletter which covers fax industry events; Contact: Annette Weaver (215) 963-9110; No longer published.   

FaxWire - Daily Coverage of Fax Servers, Switches and Enterprise Fax; Contact: Peter Davidson (818) 842-5117; http://www.davidsonconsulting.biz  (Pete no longer produces the daily FaxWire, but provides market research reports on the global Fax market. )  

Industry Reports:

Human Communications Standards Update; Covered specific standards topics in depth; published 1-2 times per year; ; no longer published.  Contact: James Rafferty; email: mailto:jayAThumancommDOTcomm; http://www.humancomm.com

Trade Associations:

SIP Forum;  Web Site: http://www.sipforum.org

Internet Mail Consortium; contact Paul Hoffman; http://www.imc.org

Telecommunications Industry Association;  Web site: http://www.tiaonline.org

Multi-Function Peripheral Association; Web site: http://www.mfpa.org

IMTC; Web Site: http://www.imtc.org

Electronic Messaging Association,  Web site: no longer active

American Fax Association, Philadephia, PA; Web Site: No longer active.   

Enterprise Computer Telephony Forum; Web site: No longer active.   

Internet Fax and Business Communications Association; No longer active.  

Standards Organizations:

International Telecommunications Union; Web site: http://www.itu.int

Internet Engineering Task Force; Web site: http://www.ietf.org

Telecommunications Industry Association; Web site: http://www.tiaonline.org

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